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    Places: ASIA (Central)

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Mynamar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tibet



Forbidden red : widowhood in urban Nepal / Kathey-Lee Galvin.

301.29549 GALVIN 2005

Author Kathey-Lee Galvin traveled to urban Nepal to interview widows of various ages, castes, religions, and circumstances. The stories of these women portray the plight of widows in this third-world country. Applying kinship modeling and practice theory to an examination of widow rituals, residence choices, and religion, Galvin analyzes - with some surprising results - how widows are rejected, the choices available to them, and the survival strategies they employ. Forbidden Red is a noteworthy complement to the few contemporary studies of widowhood in South Asia.

Himalayan village : an account of the Lepchas of Sikkim / Geoffrey Gorer.

305.8 GORER 2005

High in the Himalayas between Nepal and Bhutan is the small Kingdom of Sikkim. In these lofty isolated foothills live a people who have developed a unique way of life. These are the clans of the Lepcha people also known as the Rong.

SRI LANKA (formerly Ceylon)


Under the bo tree; studies in caste, kinship, and marriage in the interior of Ceylon/ Nur. Yalman.

305.5122 YALMAN 1971

 This is an analysis of Sinhalese kinship systems, which generally add to the findings of Tambiah and Leach on the same subject. Yalman divides the book into three sections, with the first introducing Sri Lanka in general, the second treating marriage and kinship in different communities, and the third comparing Sinhalese kinship structure with that of South India.  



My journey to Lhasa : the classic story of the only western woman who succeeded in entering the forbidden city / Alexandra David-Néel

951.5 DAVID 2005

"In 1923 a stout fifty-five-year-old Frenchwoman named Madame Alexandra David-Neel, a former opera singer and a dedicated student of the East, disguised herself as a male pilgrim and ascended to the ancient Tibetan city of Lhasa. Her classic account of her adventure was first published in 1927"

Tibetan diary : from birth to death and beyond in a Himalayan valley of Nepal / Geoff H. Childs.

301.29515 CHILDS 2004

High in the Nepali Himalaya are a number of ethnic Tibetan communities. Geoff Childs presents a portrait of Nubri & Kutang in which he chronicles the daily lives of community members in all their tangled intricacies. Description: Raising the curtain -- The lay of the land -- Life begets death, death begets life : the life course begins -- Adolescent discord : family needs versus spiritual deeds -- Growing through travel : the pilgrimage for knowledge and prestige -- The merits of matrimony : commencing the householder life -- High peaks and deep valleys : the imponderable nature of everyday life -- Anticipating the end of the life course : the anxieties of old age -- Parting breaths : death is but a transition -- Transcending death : rising corpses and reincarnations. 

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