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Careers & College Success

The library has books, e-books and video resources to help with career planning and job search!

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Be sure to check out the Wenatchee Valley College Career Center
They are open to students and the general public and offer a broad range of information and assistance including:

  • job and career exploration

  • education/training requirements

  • job hunting techniques

  • employment opportunities

  • internship and mentorship information

  • work experience

  • career assessments for determining your career pathway

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E-books Central: Online resource 50,000 + academic ebook collection. Fully searchable

Credo General Reference: Offering 538 highly-regarded titles, Credo covers every major subject from the
world's best publishers of reference. Specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries and more.


Academic OneFile: Peer-reviewed, full-text articles from the world's leading journals and reference sources.
Extensive coverage of the sciences, technology, medicine, the arts, theology, literature and other subjects -
authoritative and comprehensive. Includes Peer Reviewed articles.


ProQuest: Includes the world's largest digital newspaper archive, periodical databases comprising the output
of more than 9,000 titles, spanning more than 500 years, the pre-eminent dissertation collection, and various
other scholarly collections. Includes Peer Reviewed articles.

PrepStep  provides a wide variety of resources to prepare for work and school, including: GED, placement test, and entrance exam preparation; self-guided skill building for math, science, English and computer use; college success resources; self-paced learning tools for job and internship searches, resume and cover letter writing, and interviewing; and many other tools for preparation for a wide variety of careers and workforce readiness.

Films on Demand

This web-based digital video delivery service allows users to view streaming videos from Films Media Group 24/7. Choose from more than 20,000+ educational titles in dozens of subject areas. Special features allow users the ability to organize and bookmark clips, share playlists, personalize folders and manage their entire collection through an administrative reporting system.


WOIS provides current information on occupations, educational programs and postsecondary schools
in Washington State. 

site key: nkh671

Occupational Outlook Handbook
A classic reference about occupations from A to Z. Includes a description of the work, training, education and outlook for hundreds of jobs.


U.S. Department of Labor To foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earners, job seekers, and retirees of the United States.


Career Cruising National information
about careers, college/training options. You
can explore interests, build a resume, find jobs.
User name: wvc
Password: Wenatchee


College Central Job Hunting Information

The Center offers a broad range of information
and assistance for job/career exploration, education/
training requirements and sites, job
hunting techniques, employment opportunities,
internships, mentorships, work experience, and
career assessments for determining the right


The College Success Collection is located on the main floor (behind the computers) next to the new magazines.  Below is a BROWSER'S GUIDE to book numbers that might be most helpful for college and career topics.  The folders marked e-books will send you to selected books on the same subject in our E-Book Central collection.  

General Well-Being of College Students       e-books

CS 155.2 Self improvement   - see also 155.2 in main collection
CS 155.9042 Stress management  - see also 155.9042 in main collection
CS 158 Personal improvement  - see also 158 in main collection
CS 158.4 Leadership / Student Government

Economic & Legal Help for Students  e-books

CS 332.024 Money management / Personal Finance - see also 322.024 in main collection

CS 332.0243 Managing student loans

CS 344.0218 Disability Resources

CS 346.015  Legal resources for students

Study & Testing  e-books

CS 371.26 Test strategies for academic success

CS 371.262 General standardized test preparation (GED, SAT, citizenship, CLEP,TOEFL, West-B etc.)

CS 371.3 Study Techniques - General Academic SuccessCS 371.31 Learning to think

CS 371.3102 Critical thinking

CS 371.311 Learning styles and academic success

CS 371.3113 Learning Disabilities & challenges

CS  371.3114 Reading & Comprehension Skills

Health sciences study    e-books

CS  371.361 Nursing Study Techniques  

CS 371.3614 Radiology Study Techniques

CS 371.3616 EMT Study Techniques

Vocational Study   
CS 371.36215 Refrigeration Study Techniques
CS 371.36292 Automotive Technology study

College Life  
CS 378.08 College Life
CS 378.081 Men in College
CS 378.082 Women in College
CS 378.0873 LGBQT in College
CS 378.0927 High School Students in College Life Management
CS 378.0974 Adult learners in College
CS 378.1043 Student athletes in college
CS 378.101 College organizations & Student Government
CS 378.1972 Native Americans in College
CS 378.1982 Latinos in College
CS 378.3097 Veterans in College

Where to go – applying – paying for college  e-books

CS 378.34 Scholarships

CS 378.349 Education Funding (general)

CS 378.71  Education Planning Academic Progress

CS 378.72 Choosing a college

CS 378.73 Applying for College

CS 378.733 College Guides (Ruggs', Fiske guides etc.)

CS 373.7385 Distance Learning

Need More Help?

Contact our librarian Barbara Oldham

Career Guides   e-books

General Career Guidance & Success  e-books

CS 650.1 Career Planning Career Success

Career advice for specific groups  
CS 650.1068 Career advice for Latino Career Success
CS 650.1082 Careers advice for Women Career Success
CS650.1093 Career advice for veterans

Careers in Technology  e-books
CS 650.1104 Careers in Technology

Careers in the Social Sciences:   e-books
CS 650.113 Careers in Social Sciences Career Success
CS 650.11302 Careers in Communications & media
CS 650.11315  Careers in Psychology

Careers in Economics, Business & Government   e-books

CS 650.1133 Careers in economics & business

CS 650.1138  Careers in manufacturing & production

Careers in Education and Law   e-books

CS 650.11364  Careers in criminal justice

CS 650.1137 Careers in education

Careers in the Natural Sciences  e-books
CS 650.115 Careers in science
CS 650.1153 Careers in physics
CS 650.1154 Careers in chemistry  
CS 650.1155  Careers in environment/sustainbility etc.

Careers in the Health Sciences  e-books
CS 650.116  Careers in the Health Sciences (comprehensive)
CS 650.1161 Careers in Nursing Career Success
CS 650.11617 Careers as Physician's Assistants
CS 650.11619 Careers in Medicine/Doctors

Careers in the Applied Sciences  e-books
CS 650.1162 Careers in engineering
CS 650.11623 Careers in equpment repair (auto, machinery etc.)
CS 650.1164 Careers in construction

Careers in Tourism & Travel    e-books
CS 650.11647 Careers in hospitality & tourism

Careers in the Arts     e-books
CS 650.1174 Careers in Design


Effective Time Management & Networking  e-books

CS 650.11 Time Management 
CS 650.1106 Prioritizing
CS 650.113 Networking

Job Search   e-books

CS 650.14 Job Search

CS 650.1408 Job Search for people with disabilities

CS 650.1413 Internships

CS 650.142 Resumes

CS 650.1423 Cover Letters

CS 650.144 Job Interviews

 Research Writing   e-books

CS 808.02 Research Writing, Citation etc.

CS 808.021 Grammar

CS 808.0214 SpellingCS 808.053  Rhetoric in English

CS 808.0661 Research Writing in Psychology

CS 808.42 Argumentative Writing

CS 808.51 Public Speaking & Presentation - see more on this subject in the main collection at 808.51 and 808.516 and more using the library catalog

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