Websites for Tree Fruit Agriculture Information

Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission 

Technology Roadmap:Research priorities to enhance tree fruit production through technological innovation. 

PNW PEAR RESEARCH PRIORITIES FOR 2018  (paste address into your browser)

Comprehensive Tree Fruit Site 

WTFRC / 2018 Apple Crop Protection Research Review 


Websites for Agriculture Information

                                 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
                                 Research and Science


USDA has refocused its science agencies to ensure the most effective and efficient use of its resources, while leveraging the strengths of our partners across the scientific community.

•    Global Food Supply and Security
•    Climate and Energy Needs
•    Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
•    Nutrition and Childhood Obesity
•    Food Safety
•    Education and Science Literacy
•    Rural-urban Interdependence/Rural Prosperity

Priorities for Organic Research Funding

                                                   These recommendations, developed and submitted in tandem with our partner                                                                 organization, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC), have helped to                                                           strengthen the OREI priorities for FY 2018: 

•    Conduct advanced on-farm crop, livestock, or integrated livestock-crop research and development that emphasize observation of, experimentation with, and innovation for organic farms, including production, marketing, and socioeconomic considerations. 

•    Develop and demonstrate educational tools for Cooperative Extension personnel and other professionals who advise producers on organic practices. 

•    For both plant and animal–based organic products: evaluate, develop, and improve allowable post-harvest handling, processing, and food safety practices to reduce toxins and microbial contamination, while increasing shelf-life, quality, and other economically important characteristics.

•    Strengthen organic crop seed systems, including seed and transplant production and protection, and plant breeding for organic production, with an emphasis on publicly available releases. 

•    Explore technologies that meet the requirements of the National Organic Program (NOP) and protect soil, water, and other natural resources. 

•    Develop or improve systems-based animal production, animal health, and pest management practices to improve animal productivity, health, and welfare while retaining or enhancing economic viability.

•    Breed, evaluate, and select animal breeds and genotypes adapted to organic systems. This would include but is not restricted to: identification of and selection for pest, parasite, and disease resistance.

•    Develop new undergraduate and/or graduate curriculum in organic agriculture.

•    Identify marketing, policy, and other socioeconomic barriers to the expansion of organic agriculture in the United States and develop strategies to address them. 


Research and Science Centers and Databases


                                 Grants and Education to Advance Innovations in Sustainable Agriculture


More Agriculture Related Databases & Websites

Agriculture Network Information Collaborative
A Knowledge Discovery System for Agriculture 



United States Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Research Service  

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