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Artifact Project: Religion & Magic


Below is a BROWSER'S GUIDE to book numbers in the library that might be most helpful researching warfare - subjects with an ebook link will take you to added selected resources at e-book Central for that topic.

355.009 - History of warfare and weaponry when it is comprehensive and not tied to one time period


680.8987 non-industrial manufacturing skills (includes some weaponry)

680.8997 making stone tools and weapons

683.5 Pre-industrial weapons & armor if not tied to one specific time period

683.541 Catapults (how to build them etc. - not tied to historical content)

930.04-930.0441  Armies & warfare in the ancient world    e-books

931.004 Warfare and armies in ancient Asia e-books

937.004 Roman armies, warfare and weapons  e-books

938.004 Greek warfare & armies  e-books

940.14 Age of Feudalism

940.14072 Chivalry

940.14073 Knights

940.1408 Warfare in the medieval world   e-books

940.14082 Medieval armor


970.00414 Native American weapons

970.004145 Native American bows and arrows



British Isles
Chaucer's world  940.194204 RICKERT - includes a chapters on war and training for war in Medieval England