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Turning Topics into Research Questions

Once you have narrowed your topic to something workable, you need to restate it as a question. A question requires an answer, and research is all about the search for answers

Here is an example

Broad topic:     _____________________________________________________________

Focused Topic: _____________________________________________________________

Possible General Research Questions

1. __________________________________________________________________________________

2. __________________________________________________________________________________

3. __________________________________________________________________________________

Once you have a research question break it into even smaller questions

Specific Research Questions: Who? What? When? Why? Where? How?

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From Idea to Search Statement

The Five-Step process

Step 1: Write down your idea in a sentence or two:


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Step 2: Cross out the fuzzy words and little words


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Step 3: Underline the words that remain, These are your starting concepts.


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Step 4:  Put an "and" between the concepts:


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Step 5: Put the quotation marks around the phrases so those words stay together.


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