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History: the Ancient World
3600 BCE - 400 CE

Using the Visual Guides
Designed to help students brainstorm and find topic choices that interest them, the visual guides show mages tied to museums, quality blogs and articles (double click on an object to see if there is an article or more information attached).  Sign in to Pinterest is required either by registration there, a Facebook or Google account.  

Eras: the Ancient World

Adornment of Ancient Africa

Adornment of Ancient Europe


Adornment: Hair Accessories includes many objects worn or used in the ancient world

Anthropology boards are broken down geographically and include many objects from this time period.

For cultures and peoples prior to 3600 BCE see the Prehistory image guide for topic ideas

                         New in the Library!

                         Blood of the Celts : the new 

                         ancestral story /
                         Jean Manco 936.4 MANCO 2015. 
                            The heritage of the Celts turns up from         

                            Portugal to Romania, from Scotland to Spain.                              Yet debate continues about who exactly were the Celts, where ultimately they came from, and whether the modern Celtic-speakers of the British Isles and Brittany are related to the Continental Celts we know from ancient history. So a fresh approach is needed. Blood of the Celts meets this challenge, pulling together evidence from genetics, archaeology, history and linguistics in an accessible and illuminating way, taking the reader on a voyage of discovery from theorigins of the ancient Celts to the modern Celtic Revival, with some startling results. 

Library Databases

  • 13,000 page reference center dedicated to providing information on African American and Global African history.

  • Credo Reference: 500+ reference titles spanning all subjects.

  • Ebook Central (formerly Ebrary): 36,000+ full length e-books on all topics.

  • History Study Center: A collection of primary and secondary sources on global history from ancient times to the present day. Provided by eLibrary.

  • National Archives​: Run searches across all National Archives collections, including the Presidential Libraries. 

  • U.S. History in Context: Over 4,000 primary documents, more than 30 reference titles and over 110 full-text journals covering US history from pre-Colonia. 

  • World History in Context: Over 110 journals, over 1,800 primary sources, reference works, images, maps and charts covering world history.  

  • Films on Demand  This web-based digital video delivery service allows users to view streaming videos from Films Media Group 24/7. Choose from more than 20,000+ educational titles in dozens of subject areas. Special features allow users the ability to organize and bookmark clips, share playlists, personalize folders and manage their entire collection through an administrative reporting system.

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Below is a BROWSER'S GUIDE to book numbers in the library that might be most helpful researching the ancient world - subjects with an ebook link will take you to added selected resources at e-book Central for that topic.

355.009 - History of warfare and weaponry when it is comprehensive and not tied to one time period


391.00901  Clothing and adornment  to 499 C.E.   e-books

683.5 Pre-industrial weapons & armor if not tied to one specific time period
683.541 Catapults (how to's - not tied to historical content)


Art History - books about art in the ancient world will include information on history as well as art & architecture

709.010931  China to 420

709.010932  Egypt to 640

709.010933 Palestine region to 70

709.010934 South Asia to 647

709.010935 Mesopotamia to 636

709.010936 Europe north and west of the Italian peninsula to 499 includes Mediterranean region  (more than one country)
709.010937 Roman to 499
709.010938 Greek 1000 BC to 499  

709.7 Pre Columbian Art of the Americas

930 History of the Ancient World (more than one place/culture)  e-books

9301.003 Dictionaries & Encyclopedias of the Ancient World  e-books

930.02 Ancient religions e-books

930.04-930.0441  Armies & Warfare    e-books

930.05 Engineering & Building  e-books

930.054 Writing & literacy  e-books

930.06 Everyday life  e-books

930.07 Material culture; homes, households etc. e-books

930.071 Pottery and ceramic objects e-books

930.072 Towns and villages in the ancient world e-books

930.073 Occupations, labor, work e-books

930.0736  Agriculture & nvironment   e-books

930.0733 Slavery   e-books

930.08 Family life, marriage & sexuality  e-books

930.081 Men e-books

930.082  Women e-books

930.083 Children e-books



930.1 Archaeology e-books

930.1026  Lost civilizations e-books

930.1028 Archaeology - under water e-books

930.103 Archaeology Dictionaries and Encyclopedias e-books

930.11 Prehistory of Europe, Asia & Africa  (general resources)  e-books

930.1107 Tools & Material Culture from prehistory  e-books

930.12 Paleolithic Age   2.6 million years ago to 10,000 BC   e-books

930.13 Mesolithic & Neolithic Age  Age  10,000 -4500 BCE   e-books

930.15 Copper & Bronze Age  3700 to 500 BC  e-books

930.16 Iron Age    e-books




Roman Empire

937 Rome to 395  e-books

937.002 Roman religion  e-books  

937.004 Roman armies, warfare and weapons  e-books

937.005  Engineering & Building in Rome  e-books

937.006 everyday life in the Roman empire  e-books

937.007 Roman material culture  e-books

937.0072 towns, villages, cities  e-books

937.06 Period of Roman Empire, 31 B.C.-476 A.D.  e-books

937.081 Men  e-books

937.082  Women  e-books

937.083 Families, marriage & sexuality in ancient Rome  e-books
937.09 Rome - final period 395-476  e-books

Ancient Greece

938 Greece to 323 - general  e-books (all time periods)

938.002 Greek Religion  e-books

938.004 Greek warfare & armies  e-books

938.006 Everyday life in Ancient Greece  e-books

988.007 Greek material culture  e-books

937.0072 towns, villages, cities  e-books

938.0736 Greek agriculture & farming  e-books

938.081 Men  e-books

938.082  Women  e-books

938.083 Families, marriage & sexuality in ancient Greece  e-books

938.0082 Greek histories  
938.01 Greece - early to 775 BC  
938.02 Greece 775-500 BC   
938.03 Greece Persian Wars 500-479 BC   
938.05 Greece - Period of Peloponnesian War, 431-404 B.C.
938.06 Greece - Period of Spartan and Theban supremacy, 404-362 B.C.
938.07 Greece Period of Macedonian supremacy, 362-323 B.C.
938.08 Hellenistic period, 323-146 B.C.
938.09 Roman era of Greece 146 BC to 323 AD

938.1 Macedonia e-books

938.37 Cyprus  e-books

939.1 the Aegean  e-books
939.18 Crete to 323  

Eastern Europe / Western Asia / Byzantine Empire 
939.2 Western Asia Minor to 640 Byzantine Empire - includes Turkey, SE Europe, Russia to 717  e-books

939.202 Byzantine warfare & armies  e-books

939.3 Slavs  e-books

939.44 Phoenicia  e-books

939.48 Arabia to 622  e-books

Africa (except for Egypt  which is 932)

939.7 Africa to 640  e-books

Southeastern Europe

939.8 Southeastern Europe to 640 - includes the Balkan states (Illyrians and others prior to the Byzantine period)  e-books


Ancient World by Geographical Location:


931 Asia to 420 e-books

931.002 Ancient Asian religions (for books in the library if the emphasis is on history they will be in this number; if doctrine/philosophy see 200.951)  e-books 

931.004 Warfare and armies in ancient Asia e-books

931.005 Building, engineering & science in ancient Asia e-books

931.0053 Trade in ancient Asia (including Silk Road) e-books

931.006 Every day life in ancient Asia e-books

931.007 Material culture of Asia e-books

931.081 Men in ancient Asia e-books

931.082  Women in ancient Asia e-books

931.083 Families, marriage & sexuality in ancient Asia e-books

931.0091 maps of Ancient China  e-books

931.52  Japan to 1185 e-books


Egypt (for early Africa outside of Egypt see 939.7) 

932 Egypt to 640  e-books

932.02 Religion in ancient Egypt  e-books

932.05 Building & engineering in ancient Egypt  e-books

932.06 Everyday life in ancient Egypt  e-books

932.07 Material culture of Egypt  e-books

932.072 Towns & cities in early Egypt  e-books

932.082 women of Egypt  e-books

932.083 Families, marriage, sexuality in early Egypt  e-books

932.092 Biography of Egypt  e-books

Palestine, Mesopotamia, South Asia

933 Palestine & Biblical History to 70  e-books

934 South Asia to 647 - includes India  e-books
935 Mesopotamia   e-books (all early periods)
935.00736 Agriculture in Mesopotamia   ebooks

935.01 Elamite, Sumerian, Akkadian, Ur periods to ca. 1900 B.C.   
935.02 Period of Babylonian Empire and Kingdom of Mitanni in Palestine   
935.03 Period of Assyrian Empire in Palestine, ca. 900-625 B.C.   
935.05 Period of Persian Empire in Palestine, 539-332 B.C.   

Iran / Persia

935.7  Iranian Plateau to 637  e-books

Europe north & west of Rome and Greece

936 Europe north and west of Italian Peninsula to ca. 499  e-books

936.1 British Isles to 410 - see also some of the histories  of Britain that cover multiple periods have early chapters on this period - look in 942  e-books

936.3 Germanic regions to 481  e-books

936.8 Scandinavia to 481  e-books

Pre-Columbian History of the Americas:

United States  

970.101  Native American history to 1600 - comprehensive; more than one region  e-books

970.10174 - North East & Mid Atlantic States  e-books

970.10175 -  South East & South Atlantic States (VA south) e-books

970.1076 - Central Gulf - AL MS LA TX OK AK TN KY  e-books

970.1077 - N. Central U.S. OH IN IL MI WI IA MO  e-books

970.1078  Western States - KS NB SD ND MT WY CO  e-books

970.1079  Great Basin/Pacific AZ NM UT NV CA OR ID WA AK  e-books

970.10791 Prehistory of native tribes of Arizona  e-books

970.479795  Native tribes specifically in Oregon  e-books
970.479797  Native tribes specifically in Washington State  e-books


972.01 Early Mexico to 1519  e-books
972.018  The Aztec Empire  e-books

Central America

972.801 History of Central America / Mesoamerica to 1502  e-books

972.8101 Guatemala to 1519  e-books

972.8201  Belize to 1502  e-books

972.8301 Honduras to 1502   e-books

972.8401 El Salvadore to 1524   e-books

972.8501 Nicaragua to 1502   

972.8601 Costa Rica to 1502   e-books
972.8701 Panama to 1514   

South America

980.012 Early history to 1498   

981.01 Brazil to 1500   e-books

982.01 Argentina to 1516    e-books

983.01 Chile to 1535   e-books

984.01 Bolivia to 1532   e-books
985.01 Peru to 1519   e-books
985.019 the Inca / Inka Empire   

986.01 Colombia & Ecuador to 1519   e-books

987.01 Venezuela to 1498   e-books

988.01 Guiana to 1815   e-books

989.5 Uruguay to 1516   

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