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Poetry & Short Story Resources at John A. Brown Library

Poetry & Short Story Reference Center​: Large database of poems, stories, dramatic works, audio recordings, video, and criticism.

PERIODICALS: Gale Academic OneFile and ProQuest Research Library provide many full-text journals offering literature and literary criticism. Following are only a few titles:

  • College Literature

  • Periodicals: Subscription

  • Databases

  • Contemporary Literature

  • Contemporary Review

  • Criticism

  • Critique

  • Explicator

  • Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism

  • Literary Review

  • Review of Contemporary Fiction

  • Sewanee Review

  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture & Society

  • The Review of Contemporary Fiction

  • Twentieth Century Literature

  • Virginia Quarterly Review

  • World Literature Today

Interlibrary loan services are available for those articles not full text on the databases.
See Olivia Drakes


         Keywords to use with Gale or ProQuest:

         1. Author’s name and criticism (for example: Poe, Edgar Allan AND criticism);

         2. Author’s name and title of work (for example: edgar allan poe AND raven); 

         3. The name of the work (for example: the fall of the house of usher).




Literature Databases

Recommended Books on Poetry in
the John A. Brown Library:



Dictionaries & Encyclopedias of Terms:

Concise handbook of literary and rhetorical terms / Michael S. Mills  803 MILLS 2010 - includes an exceptionally clear guide to poetic elements and devices

Dictionary of poetic terms / Jack Myers  808.103 MYERS 2003

Glossary of literary terms / M. H. Abrams  R 803 ABRAMS 1971
Modern lexicon of literary terms / Liberman 803 LIBERMA 1968

New handbook of literary terms / David Mikics. R 803 MIKICS 2007

New Princeton encyclopedia of poetry and poetics / Alex Preminger  808.103 NEW 1993

Good General Overviews:

Enjoyment of poetry, with anthology / Max Eastman   809.1 EASTMAN ENJOYME

Handbook to literature / C. Hugh Holman  809.03 HOMAN 1972

How to read a poem / Tania Runyan  808.1 RUNYAN 2014
How to read literature like a professor / Thomas C. Foster  808 FOSTER 2003  

How to study a poet / John Peck  808.1 PECK 1988

Literature: an introduction to fiction, poetry and drama / X. J. Kennedy  809.1 KENNEDY 2005

Literature: an introduction to reading and writing / Edgar V. Roberts  801.95 ROBERTS LITERAT

Poetry handbook / John Lennard  from Ebook Central

Reading and writing about literature / Mary Rohrberger  801.95 ROHRBER

Writing about literature: a portable guide / Jane E. Gardner  801.95 GARDNER 2009

The following have  good chapters on certain aspects of poetry:



Allegory / John MacQueen 803.8015 MACQUEE ALLEGOR

How literature works: 50 key concepts / John Sutherland 801.95 SUTHERL 2011 


How literature works: 50 key concepts / John Sutherland 801.95 SUTHERL 2011 


Fancy & imagination / R. L. Brett.  803.8015 BRETT  


Writing themes about literature / Edgar V. Roberts  801.95 ROBERTS WRITING


How literature works: 50 key concepts / John Sutherland 801.95 SUTHERL 2011 

Metaphor & Archtype

Metaphor / Terence Hawkes  803.8015 HAWKES

The symbolist movement / Anna Balaklan  809.0903 BALAKIA SYMBOLI

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