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Artifact Project: Warfare Resources

The library's visual guides  include many images and articles showing items related to warfare, weaponry and armor in non-industrial societies. 

the Anthropology Visual Guides in their respective cultures/countries might include weaponry or artifacts used during war.


the Body Adornment by Place and Body Adornment by Time Period guides might include clothing and accessories such as warrior's regalia or armor

Since most of these are pinned from museums and archives if you double click  on the image it will send you to that collection where you may search further for similar items.   You must have a Pinterest or Facebook account to login.

Below are materials  devoted to or having chapters about historical warfare:


Prehistory & Ancient World  (general)

Ancient and medieval warfare  930.04 MAY

Ancient warfare  930.04 SIDEBOT

Ancient world at war  930.04 DESOUZA

Ancient siege warfare  930.04 KERN

Archaeology and apprenticeship   / Wendrich    Ebook Central

Combat sports in the ancient world: competition, violence and culture  930.04 POLIAKO

Designing experimental research in archaeology: examining technology through production and use   / Ferguson  Ebook Central

Early Riders : The Beginnings of Mounted Warfare in Asia and Europe   / Drews    Ebook Central

Great armies of antiquity  930.04 GABRIEL

How war began  / Otterbein.   Ebook Central

The Many Faces of War in the Ancient World / Heckel    Ebook Central

New perspectives on ancient warfare / Fagan  Ebook Central

Of arms and men: a history of war, weapons & aggression / O'Connell    Ebook Central

Pushing the envelope: experimental directions in the archaeology of stone tools   / McCall    Ebook Central includes flintknapping information on multiple early societies

Ride of the second horseman: the birth and death of war  / O'Connell.  Ebook Central

Their Arrows Will Darken the Sun : The Evolution and Science of Ballistics  / Denny    Ebook Central

War and Warfare in Late Antiquity : Current Perspectives  / Sarantis    Ebook Central

Warfare in the classical world  930.04 WARRY

World military history bibliography : Premodern and nonwestern military institutions and warfare  / Hacker    Ebook Central

Catapult images from Google Image collection

Ancient Africa:

Everyday life in ancient Egypt    / Harris  Ebook Central

Origin of West African crossbows / Balfour.  HathiTrust

Why leather: the material cultureal dimensions of leather    / Harris  Ebook Central

(chapter on the use of leather in Egyptian chariots)

Ancient Eastern Asia:

Ancient Chinese warfare   / Sawyer.  Ebook Central

Hutchinson Dictionary of Ancient and Medieval Warfare      Ebook Central

Terra cotta army: china's first emperor and the birth of a nation   / Man.  Ebook Central


The ancient Greeks at war  / Rawlings.  Ebook Central

The art of the catapult : build Greek ballistae, Roman onagers, English trebuchets, and more ancient artillery / Gurstelle.  Ebook Central

Great battles of the classical Greek World  / Rees.  Ebook Central

Greek and Roman Military Writers   / Campbell.  Ebook Central

Greek mercenaries: from the late archaic period to Alexander  / Trundle.  Ebook Central

History of Greek fire and gunpowder / Partington - the book can be checked out fourteen days online at the Internet Archive if you sign up for a free account

Hoplites: the classical Greek battle experience / Hanson.  Ebook Central

Men of bronze: hoplite warfare in ancient Greece  / Kagan.  Ebook Central

War and society in the Greek world  / Rich.  Ebook Central

Warfare in ancient Greece: a sourcebook  / Sage.  Ebook Central

Warfare in the classical world  930.04 WARRY

Museum of Ancient Greek Technology


The auxilia of the Roman Imperial Army   / Cheesman.  HathiTrust

Early Roman warfare   / Armstrong.  Ebook Central

Frontiers of the Roman empire    937.004 ELTON

Gladiators and Caesars    937.004 GLADIAT

Grand strategy of the Roman Empire    937.004 LUTTWAK

Greek and Roman Military Writers   / Campbell.  Ebook Central

Military history of late Rome 284-361   / Syvanne.  Ebook Central

The military system of the Romans   / Harkness.  HathiTrust

Roman army: a social and institutional history    937.004 SOUTHER

Roman art of war under the republic    937.004 ADCOCK

Ancient Europe outside the Greek & Roman empires  (see medieval resources for Vikings)

Celts and Roman: the Celts of Italy   936.4 ELLIS

Celts and the classical world   / Rankin.  Ebook Central

Everyday life in Roman and Anglo-Saxon times including Viking and Norman times   936.1 QUENNEL

Roman Britain: a new history    936.1 DELABED

Settlement and metalworking in the middle bronze age and beyond (Cornwall)    / Gossip.  Ebook Central

War, women and druids   937.004 936.4 FREEMAN

North America:

American Indian archery   970.004145 LAUBIN

Bows & arrows of the Native Americans   970.00414 HAMM  

European and Native American warfare / Starkey  Ebook Central

Gifts from the thunder beings: indigenous archery and European   / Bohr.  Ebook Central

Making Indian bows and arrows: the old way   970.004145 SPOTTED

Making Native American hunting, fighting and survival tools   970.00414 BURCH 2004

Native American weapons   970.00414 TAYLOR  

Native North American armor, shields, and fortifications   970.00414 JONES 

North American bows, arrows, and quivers : an illustrated history   970.004145 MASON

Poison arrows: North American Indian hunting and warfare    / Jones.  Ebook Central

Slings and Slingstones : The Forgotten Weapons of Oceania and the Americas   / York    Ebook Central

Weapons of Mississippi / Dougherty  Ebook Central

Central & South America:

Aztecs    / Smith.  Ebook Central

A to Z of ancient Mesoamerica    / Paika.  Ebook Central

Maya and Teotihuacan: Reinterpreting early classic interaction  /  Braswell.  Ebook Central

Stories in Red and Black : Pictorial Histories of the Aztecs and Mixtecs    / Smith.  Ebook Central


Slings and Slingstones : The Forgotten Weapons of Oceania and the Americas   / York    Ebook Central


Medieval World


General Resources

Art of war in the middle ages A.D. 378-1515 / Oman.  the Intern

Battle and bloodshed: the medieval world at war    / Bleach.  Ebook Central
Cambridge illustrated atlas: wafare, the Middle Ages, 768-1487.  940.1408 HOOPER

The crossbow with a treatise on the balista and catapult of the ancients HathiTrust

Handbook of medieval culture v. 3 :    / Classen.  Ebook Central

Hutchinson Dictionary of Ancient and Medieval Warfare      Ebook Central

Knight.  940.14073 BAKER

Knight: the warrior and world of chivalry.  940.14073 JONES

Medieval warfare: theory and practice, 300-1500    / Nicholson.  Ebook Central

Noble ideals and bloody realities: warfare in the middle ages    / Christie.  Ebook Central

Routledge companion to medieval warfare  / Bradbury.  Ebook Central

Sieges of the middle ages    / Warner.  Ebook Central

War in the middle ages.  940.1408 CONTAMI  

Byzantine Empire & the Islamic World

Byzantium and its army.  940.1408 BYZANTI TREADGO

Road to Manzikert: Byzantine and Islamic warfare 527-1071   / Carey    Ebook Central

Warfare in late Byzantium, 1204-1453   / Kyriakidis.  Ebook Central

Warfare, State And Society In The Byzantine World 560-1204   / Haldon    Ebook Central

Europe & the British Isles

Armies and warfare in the Middle Ages : the English experience.  940.1408 PRESTWI  

Chaucer's world  940.194204 RICKERT - includes a chapters on war and training for war in Medieval England

Henry VIII's military revolution: the armies of 16t century Britain & Europe / Raymond  / Ebook Central

A history of war and weapons, 449 to 1660; English warfare from the Anglo-Saxons to Cromwell.  940.1408 NORMAN 

Medieval warfare: a history  / Keen.  Ebook Central

War and society in medieval and early modern Britain    / Dunn.  Ebook Central

Warfare and society in the barbarian west 450-900 / Halsall.  Ebook Central



Danes in Essex: The Scandinavian impact on Southern England 800-1100    / Lavellee.  Ebook Central


Samurai, Warfare and the State in Early Medieval Japan    / Friday.  Ebook Central

Southeast Asian Warfare, 1300-1900    / Charney.  Ebook Central

War and state building in medieval Japan   / Ferejohn    Ebook Central