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Early Childhood Education

Finding Articles for Early Childhood and Elementary Education:
Once you have decided on a topic, take some time to make a list of keywords that will help you find more information in databases, ebooks and our library catalog.​ Use ProQuest, a good general information database to find articles from scholarly journals on your subject.

Using the John A. Brown Library


Student login for ebooks and databases: Your user name consists of your first initial and last name exactly as you registered for class and the last four digits of your student ID number. There is no space between your first initial, last name and the last four digits of your SID number.

Example: RSmith1234Your password is identical to the password you use to logon to student computers on campus. Unless you have changed, your password, it is your date of birth, expressed as a six-digit number.  For instance, if your birthday was July 1, 1995, then your password is 070195.

Finding Books
The library catalog can be accessed from the Library Home Page.  Below is a BROWSER'S GUIDE to book numbers in the library that might be most helpful for early childhood education topics. Links marked ebooks will send users to a folder of digital books related to the subject.


our learning development collection is located on the main floor (the reading area to the right of the stairs)  It includes a picture book collection, a juvenile non-fiction collection  and a juvenile fiction collection as well as some bilingual children's books. The library also has a sizable young adult fiction collection shelved with our adult fiction and marked YA.

Child Psychology

155.4  Child psychology and development

155.4072  Observing children

155.412 Comprehensive works on the mental & emotional lives of children 

155.4124 Emotions of children

155.413 Mental processes of children - includes brain functions

155.4133 Imagination of children

155.418  Play and children

155.4182 Individual psychology of children

155.42 Children by specific ages (comprehenisve; more than one group)

155.422 Psychology & development of infants

155.423 Psychology & development of children 3-5

155.424  Psychology & development of children 6-11

Child Development

305.23 Children
305.2303 Children & violence;  protecting children
305.2306  boys
305.2308 girls
305.2309 history of children
305.231 Child Development
305.2311 Child Development for Special Needs
305.232 Infants
305.233 Children 3-5
305.234 Children 6-11
305.235 adolescence
305.2351 adolescent boys
305.2352 adolescent girls

Education and the Law

344.079  Schools / teachers and the law


Philosophy, History and Overviews of Education

370.1. Overview of philosophy of education

370.013  General research in education

370.103  indexes dictionaries encyclopedias of education

370.109 history of education in more than one place and time; comprehensiveq

370.10973  history of education and minority groups (include segregation and desegregation  history 

370.1097304  history of Latino education

Character, Diversity and Social Issues in Education

370.102 Social justice in teaching

370.114 teaching  for moral or character values; 

370.117 multicultural education;  diversity in education

370.1175 bilingual education as a policy

Specific School Populations

371.8211 education of boys

371.8269  Poverty & education

371.829 Immigrant students

371.8299  Native American education

371.9   Special needs; Inclusive education; mainstreaming; differentiation

371.904  IEPS; assessment etc.

371.9046  Inclusive education; mainstreaming etc.

371.91  Physical disability & education

371.914  Students with linguistic disorders

371.9144  Students with reading disorders - dyslexia etc.

371.916 Students with mobility impairments

371.92  Mental disability & education

371.93 Difficult students

371.94  students with a.d.h.d. and autism

371.95  gifted students



372 general resources on children in primary grades; taking care of kids; how kids feel; needs etc.

372.203  encyclopedias & dictionaries glossaries of early childhood ed

372.21 preschool education 

372.2101  specific schools of early childhood ed - Montessori, Reggio, Vygotskian etc. 

372.21011  Nurturing young children

372.210111  teaching children to deal with difficult issues (violence, stress etc.)

372.21012  teaching preschool; things emphasizing teaching in early childhood ed

372.2107  research in early childhood education

372.2109  preschool policy & management

372.212017  teaching values & character in preschool

372.212  Play in preschool curriculum

372.2127  Play with objects (blocks, balls etc.) assigned

372.213  Learning environments in early childhood education 

372.21262  Assessment in early childhood education

372.2127  Common core 

372.218 kindergarten specific

372.241 lower level grades  - 1-3

372.242 intermediate grades 4-6

Teaching sciences

372.315  teaching observation skills to children  

372.3 teaching science to kids

372.357  teaching nature study & sustainibility; environment

372.358  teaching technology & engineering etc. including makers

372.37 teaching, nutrition in early childhood

372.3704 teaching health and wellness

Citing Sources

John A. Brown Library Quick Guide to MLA Citations

Worried about citing sources correctly? Make an appointment with one of the WVC librarians for individual help!

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Teaching reading and writing

372.4 Reading & writing (comprehensive)  including literacy

372.4028 reading - testing & measurement

372.41 instructional materials to teach reading including things like charts

372.4162  small group reading

372.42 Reading motivation

372.44 Vocabulary development

372.46  Close reading - assigned; no number yet but its a thing

372.462 whole word method of reading - word recognition

372.465 phonics

372.47 Reading comprehension

372.48 evaluating reading skills

Teaching the Arts & Literature

372.5  The arts and children (comprehensive)

372.5044 Teaching art to children 

372.6 Language arts / communication skills for children

372.64  Children's literature

362.6402  Children's poetry and rhyming

372.6404 Teaching kids to appreciate literature

372.6407 Theater for kids

Teaching Duel Language Learners

372.651 Duel language learners 

Teaching Mathematics

372.7  Teaching mathematics

372.7044  Teaching mathematics at primary level

Teaching Physical Education

372.86 Physical education and movement 

Teaching Music

372.87  music in preschool & primary education

372.873  performance of music

Teaching Social Studies

372.89  teaching history & social studies



Health Issues & Children
616.85 Autism

618.9285 ADHD in kids Attention Deficit


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