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Start by finding a topic that interests YOU!

Using the Visual Guides
The visual guides are designed to give ideas.  Images are tied to museums, quality blogs and articles. These  can help you brainstorm your research choices.  Sign in to Pinterest is required either by registration there, a Facebook or Google account.  

The adornment visual guides are broken into three sections:

Body Adornment

Body Image  I  Body Painting  I  

Body Modification  I  

Body Modification: Cosmetic Surgery  I  

Body Modification: Foot Binding  I  

Body Modification: Tattooing, Piercing &
        Scarification  I  

Cosmetics  I Costume  I  
Designers of Fashion  I  Footwear  I  

Gender  I  General Topics  I  Hair Accessories  I  

Hair before 1800  I   Hair: 19th Century  I  

Hair: 1900-1930  I  Hair: 1940s-1950s  I  
Hair: 1960s-1970s  I  Hair 1980s-1990s  I  

Hair 2000-  I  Hair: Africa  I 

 Innovative Fashion  I  

Jewelry  I   Jewelry: Beads  I  

Keeping Up Appearances
        (grooming, manicures, hygiene etc.)  I  

Perfume  I  Textiles  I  Weddings

Body Adornment by Place

Africa North of the Sahara I Africa: South of the Sahara I Asia: Eastern I Asia: Central & Southern I Asia: Western I European Folk Costume I Mexico, Central America & Caribbean I Native American I Native American: Northwest Tribes I Oceania I  South America     

Body Adornment by Time Period

Ancient Africa I Ancient Europe I Medieval I

Renaissance 14th-17th Century I 1700-1790 I

1790-1835 I 1835-1890 I 1890-1920 I

1920s I 1930s I 1940s I 1950s I 1960s I 1970s I

1980s I1990s I 2000-2010 I

If your subject is historical you might also check out the

Eras Visual Guides
Pre-history  I Ancient 3600 BCE - 400 CE  I

Middle Ages: 5th Century - 1700  I

1700-1860  I  1860-1900  I  1900-1930  I
1930s  I  1940s  I  1950s  I  1960s  I
1970s  I  1980s  I  

2010-Current I

Body Adornment

ebook collections for Body Adornment

Using the John A. Brown Library


Student login for ebooks and databases: Your user name consists of your first initial and last name exactly as you registered for class and the last four digits of your student ID number. There is no space between your first initial, last name and the last four digits of your SID number.

Example: RSmith1234Your password is identical to the password you use to logon to student computers on campus. Unless you have changed, your password, it is your date of birth, expressed as a six-digit number.  For instance, if your birthday was July 1, 1995, then your password is 070195.

Using Keywords for Successful Searching

Once you have decided on a topic, take some time to make a list of keywords that will help you find more information in databases, ebooks and our library catalog.

For added help turning your topic into a

research question and determining search

terms see our Research Topics page

Finding Articles and Ebooks

To find digital resources on Body Adornment visit the library home page

​Use ProQuest to find articles from scholarly journals on your subject.

The Artstor database provides over 1.6 million digital images in the arts, architecture, and humanities. You will find it under Popular Databases More... and then choose Art


Use Ebook Central to  find relevant ebooks and chapters; read online, search within the ebook, and highlight, take notes,  bookmark pages stored on your bookshelf for you.

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Citing Sources

John A. Brown Library Quick Guide to MLA Citations

Worried about citing sources correctly? Make an appointment with one of the WVC librarians for individual help!

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Finding physical books in the John A. Brown Library

The library catalog can be accessed from the Library Home Page. Below is a BROWSER'S GUIDE to book numbers in the library that might be most helpful for a body adornment topic. Subjects with an ebook link will take you to selected resources at e-book Central for that topic.

391 Body Adornment (comprehensive)

391.009  Costume & fashion of more than one time period   


391.00901  Fashion to 499 A.D.  

391.00902  Fashion 6th thru 16th centuries (medieval & renaissance)  

391.00903   Comprehensive  16th century to present  

391.009031  16th century fashion   391.009032  17th century fashion

391.009033 18th century fashion

391.009034  19th century fashion  

391.00904 20th century fashion   - comprehensive   

391.009041  Fashion 1890-1920     

391.009042  Fashion 1920-1929 

391.009043  Fashion 1930-1939 

391.009044  Fashion 1940-1949  

391.009045  Fashion 1950-1959  

391.009046  Fashion 1960-1969  

391.009047  Fashion 1970-1979     

391.009048  Fashion 1980-1989 

391.009049  Fashion 1990-1999

391.009051  Fashion 2000-2019  

391.01  Fashion design    ebooks

391  Sociology and economics of adornment  e-books

391.022 Royal fashion

391.024  Fashion for ordinary "common" people

391.0245   Second hand fashion

391.02411  Color in fashion    

391.07 Costumes for theater & performance  

391.0743  Costuming for tv & movies (more than one)

391.07432 Costuming for specific movie or tv show

391.07435  Cosplay  & re-enactment   

391.07437  Costume used for celebration (holidays, life events, carnival etc.) 

391.09  Ethnic costume and fashion  

391.094 Costume of Europe

391.0943 Costume of Germany and Eastern Europe

391.0952  Costume of eastern Asia (Japan, China etc.)   

391.0954 Costume of southern Asia ( India, Nepal, Tibet etc.)    e-book collection

391.0954 Costume of western Asia (Middle East)  e-book collection

391.96    Costume of Africa  

391.097 Native American costume & accessories 

391.098 Costume of Latin America   

391.099 Costume of Australia & Pacific Islands  

391.1 Costume of men specifically

391.2  Costume of women specifically

391.23  Gender & sexuality  in fashion 

391.233  Cross dressing 

391.41  Foot Binding   

391.413  Footwear   

391.42  Undergarments     

391.423 Hosiery

391.426  Sleepwear and loungewear      

391.434  Masks (not limited to one place)     

391.434096 Masks of Africa

391.4340972 Masks of Mexico, Central America, South America & the Caribbean   

391.434097 Native American Masks     

391.44  Accessories - including canes, combs, eyeglasses, fans, flowers, handbags, muffs, parasols  sunglasses  

391.45 Buttons

391.476  Pants - trousers - jeans - etc.

391.48  Uniforms

391.5 Hair   

391.5042 hair of the 1920s & 30s

391.507  Hair color

391.52 Body & facial hair

391.50939  Hair in Asian cultures

391.6 Beauty & Personal Appearance  

391.6573  Teeth 

391.606  Body image - include things about weight and size that have to do with beauty concepts     

391.6069  biographies that deal with body image  

391.63 Perfume     

 391.6306  Body painting and henna    

391.6309 Cosmetics    

391.65  Tattooing, scarification   

391.67  Body modification - extreme beauty  

391.672  Fingernails, manicures, etc.  

391.7 Jewelry

391.701 Beads   

391.70196 African beads 

391.70197 Native American beads and beading

391.7027 Earrings

391.70954 Jewelry of India

391.7096 Jewelry of Africa

391.7097 Native American Jewelry

391.70994 Jewelry of Australia & Oceania

392.5097 Wedding customs  

392.54 Wedding clothes 


617.952 Cosmetic surgery   

746 Textiles   

746.09  Textiles - broad collections on folk art and textiles; world textiles 

746.0948  Textiles of Scandinavia and Finland

746.0961  Textiles of Africa

746.0972  Textiles of Mexico and Central America

746.0978  Textiles of the western United States

746.098  Textiles of South America

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