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British Isles Poetry
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Ebook Collections:
links to works containing poems, criticism or biography of the poet - from Ebook Central unless otherwise noted.  Books from the Internet Archive may require a (free) account for online check out
General Collections, History & Criticism (search within book or use index to see if your poet is included)
Imagined Homelands : British Poetry in the Colonies
Reading Postwar British and Irish Poetry
Old English Poetry
English Poetry: Middle English Period (1066–1500)
English Poetry: the Renaissance (1500-1667
English Poetry: Neoclassical Period (1667–1785)
English Poetry: Romanticism (1785–1832)
English Poetry: Victorian Period (1832–1901)
English Poetry: Edwardian Period (1901–1914)
English Poetry: 1914-2000
CELTIC POETRY (poets from Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Manx, Scotland or Breton  
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