Resources for Anthropology

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Biological Anthropology
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Anthropology (General Resources)
Anthropology of Food
Material Culture

Ethnography & Culture by Place:
   Africa:  North Africa, West & Central Africa, Southern Africa, East Africa
   Asia:  East, Central & South, Western
   Europe: British Isles, Europe North, Europe South, Europe East, Europe West
   Latin America: Mexico & Central America & the Caribbean
   North America: Pacific Region, Rocky Mountain Region, South Western Region
   North America: Native American, the African American Experience

   South America

Ethnography by Experience
   Addicted Lives, Economic Lives, Family Lives, Health Lives, Immigrant Lives,
   Intimate Lives, Religious Lives, Troubled Lives, Work Lives, 19th Century Lives
Medical Anthropology
General Resources, Bias, Gender & Reproduction, Human Appearance, Human Development
Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania, Native American
the Body Adornment collections may also have helpful material for anthropology
Articles / Databases: 


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