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History Resources
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Ancient History

Articles / Databases 


  • American Indian Culture and Research Journal: The premiere journal in Native American studies, publishes book reviews, literature, and original scholarly papers on a wide range of issues in various fields.

  •​: 13,000 page reference center dedicated to providing information on African American and Global African history. 

  • Credo Reference: 500+ reference titles spanning all subjects.

  • Films on Demand: Over 6,500 streaming instructional films from Films Media Group.

  • History Study Center: A collection of primary and secondary sources on global history from ancient times to the present day. Provided by eLibrary.

  • JSTOR: A digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.

  • National Archives​: Run searches across all National Archives collections, including the Presidential Libraries. 

  • North American Indian Thought and Culture : Integrates autobiographies, biographies, Indian publications, oral histories, personal writings, photographs, drawings, and audio files; the result is a comprehensive representation of historical events as told by the individuals who lived through them.

  • U.S. History in Context: Over 4,000 primary documents, more than 30 reference titles and over 110 full-text journals covering US history from pre-Colonial.

  • World History in Context: Over 110 journals, over 1,800 primary sources, reference works, images, maps and charts covering world history.

Visual Guides

Using the Visual Guides
Designed to help students brainstorm and find topic ideas that interest them, the visual guides show mages tied to museums, quality blogs and articles (double click on an object to see if there is an article or more information attached).  Sign in to Pinterest is required either by registration there, a Facebook or Google account.  

Eras: the Ancient World

Adornment of Ancient Africa

Adornment of Ancient Europe


Adornment: Hair Accessories includes many objects worn or used in the ancient world

Anthropology boards are broken down geographically and include many objects from this time period.

For cultures and peoples prior to 3600 BCE see the Prehistory image guide for topic ideas

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